Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week Two from the Argentine MTC

Dear everyone,, Let me just start with a few things i forgot to mention last week. Last thursday, I got my missionary haircut. Everyone calls the barber that comes to the CCM ´´Edward Scissorhands´´ because the scissors never stop. Everyone gets bad haircuts, but it doesn't matter because everyone gets it from the same person and they all look the same. I can get mail home in a few days, but it takes a couple weeks to get it here. The mail here takes a long time and we only get letters wednesday night and thursday before email. Thursday is P-day. My option for being here for 3 weeks was based on the assumption that I could handle not learning any spanish at all, being in an all-Latino district. I've missed that opportunity by now, but it's good. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time here. We proselyte every Saturday Every three weeks a new group of norteamericanos and a new group of latinos come. The latinos stay for three weeks and the norteamericanos stay for 9. Based on my spanish level, i could jump up 3 weeks...except all the people 3 weeks ahead of me are going to Montevideo West, so I'd still end up waiting until my group left in 9 weeks. Okay. I felt like i needed to explain the system for that. I guess Í'll start with Proseletismo. We went out for 2 hours the for the first time. This saturday we go for 4 and then 7 every week after that until we leave. It was really awesome. Elder Pike and I had an area with pretty nice houses. There are dogs everywhere and they're really ugly, but they don't cause any problems. We had a couple good street contacts. We taught two guys about the Book of Mormon and gave them a copy. It was a really cool experience. I'm finally a real missionary. We clapped doors for about half the time. That wasn't very successful, but it was fun. I understood most of what people said. The basic idea of it anyways. Lots of ´´Estoy ocupado´´ Life is pretty cyclical here. Thursday is P-day, Friday is Carne Asada day, Saturday is Proseletismo, Sunday is English day where we get a break from Spanish, Monday through Wednesday are all the same. We have classes every day except for Sunday. We have PE every day. We have Laundry on Mondays and Thursdays. It's easy to lose track of time. Looking forward, time is really slow. Looking backward, it's really fast The food is really pretty good about 80% of the time and the gift of tongues gets me by the other 20% of the time. Thanks for letting me know about stuff going on at home. It's weird to think it's only a couple weeks. It feels like a couple months. We didn't feel the Chile earthquake at all. We heard about it right away and the Chileños were all really worried, but no problems. I did have to handle all my luggage by myself for a while, but I couldn't find where we put the straps, so i just pulled them individually and it worked fine. My spanish is coming really well. Teaching is getting a lot better. Living in the CCM is getting easier. I'm having tons of spiritual experiences. it's a great place. So, don't worry about me. I'm having a great time. I hope you all are too. I'll try to get a hang of sending good emails. I feel so disorganized when I write. I hope you don't think I'm forgetting about you if I don't reply to much stuff. I don't have much time. I thought 30 minutes would be plenty of time, but it's not. Have fun with life! Talk to you next week! p.s. Packages don't work unless they're in envelopes, even if they're local, so getting shoes shipped from down here wouldn't work. My borrowed shoes are fine for now and the converse will be great.


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