Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To: "David Parry"
Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010, 11:02 AM

Hey, it's easier to answer these emails separately so I can read as I reply, so if you want to combine this with the other email when you get it, that'd probably be good.

We're not supposed to take pictures except at a certain time the sunday before people leave. It didn't occur to me to take a picture of my hair, but if I get another Edward Scissorhands haircut, I will. It's pretty much evened out by now. i don't think it would have shown up very well in a picture anyways.

There is a way to send pictures on email...but we're not supposed to. All the latinos were a couple weeks ago and they got mad, so I won't. I am taking them when it's allowed, so i'll try to get some to you.

Typical day:
wake up, get ready at 630
breakfast at 7
personal study at 8
compañerismo study at 9
Class at 10
Lunch at 1145
class at 1230
PAC (Self Directed Language study)at 230
Actividad Fisica (PE, usually ultimate frisbee these days) at 330
Class at 5
Dinner at 615
Class at 730
Planning at 9
Citas(Teaching appointments with other missionaries) at 930-10
Getting ready for bed, writing in journal at 10
lights out at 1030

I think it's somewhat similar to the schedule out in the field.

Our class is always the same group and it's the same group we flew down with(minus the hermana, who became a ´´Latina´´ and left with the last group) so...5 people. We memorize stuff. We've only recited one thing and it was the ´´My Objective´´ from Preach My Gospel..Predicad Mi Evangelio. We use Preach My Gospel all the time, in english and spanish. All of our teachers are from here and they speak varying levels of english. We had a substitute last night who barely knew any.

Thanks for working on those shoes for me. The converse would probably be better than those brown (sketcher?) ones, partially because they'll fit better in the mail and because they're more athletic. I don't really need them if you've sent the new Ross ones. Those will work perfect.


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