Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010 Week Five Argentina MTC

Dear all,,

Sounds like life is pretty peachy there at home. I'll have you know it's even better here. I'm starting to see Argentina as my first mission that I serve in for 2 months and Uruguay as my second mission that I serve in for 22 months. We're in our proselyting area for 3 weeks in a row, and we have appointments, for next week, so it feels like we're really serving here. I'll talk about that later though.

Good to hear that Emily's back home. I sent her a letter at home, so I'm glad I really got the timing right. Glad mountainland is working out while things are getting ready for Washington

Thanks for thinking of me with your packages. I don't know how well things really are going to get here. I've only gotten the one still. I can hope though.

Wow. I didn't realize how much I missed waffles until you mentioned that. When i get out in the field, i'm going to have to make some. They feed us pretty well here, but it'll be nice getting to choose for myself and make some good stuff.

Re: Daylight Savings Time. We don't have DST here in Argentina. I still don't know about Uruguay.

Re: Conference. We've been hearing that we get to watch Conference in English. The ''Saturday in spanish, sunday in english'' would make sense though. Sunday is our English day. I really hope we get it in english though. I'm pretty sure we won't be watching all of it live, so that will be interesting. Either way, we'll get the music in english and I'll get to see and hear dad, so that'll be exciting

Glad to hear about those ''Coincidences,ยดยด Dad. Sounds like things are going pretty well. Thanks for the talk. I look forward to reading it. I printed it out and I'll read it in my personal study some time.

CCM hump day was the other day. It's pretty exciting, but there's still a lot to learn. The oldest group is leaving in just under a week, which is really weird. We've gotten really close to them and now we won't see any of them for 2 years. Time is starting to move really fast though. Every week feels like a day and every day feels like 2 days. Don't ask how that works.

And now, what everyone's been waiting for......PROSELETISMO

Saturday was our first day in a new area. We'll go back there 2 more saturdays, so we got to make a few appointments with people. I'm really excited for this saturday. I'll tell you about a couple of my favorite contacts

Mauricio: We almost didn't talk to Mauricio. He was behind us and we almost didn't stop, but we did and I'm so glad. He seemed really receptive. We talked to him for about a half an hour in the street and taught him quite a bit about the restoration and stuff. I got an opportunity to tell him the first vision in spanish that I'd been practicing for the week before. He was really receptive and he spoke a little english, so that was nice. We have an appointment to meet him next week. He didn't live in our area, but he worked there, so he'd be around. We've been planning our lesson for him all week and now we can just pray he'll actually show up and be interested as he was last saturday.

Pablo y familia: Pablo and his family were on their way out the door to the fisherman to buy fish. They looked like a family you'd see in a church video. The dad was walking with his little daughter on her tricycle and the mom came out the front door carrying her baby, so we were really excited because we're supposed to look for families to teach. We're preparing his lesson too, so that's really awesome. We gave them a copy of the Family Proclamation to the World, and told them that we'd come teach them about it and the Book of Mormon this saturday, so we're pretty excited for that lesson.

Overall, the whole day of proseletismo was really amazing. We found quite a few people willing to listen to us for a few minutes and I hope that it can be a stepping stone for them to find the whole truth some day, even if it's not from me.

Thanks for everyone's support and love. Talk to you next week!


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