Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010 with Elder Draper Treinta y Tres

Hey all,,

Looks like this week is a week of questions. I apologize in advance if I don't get them all answered in time. If I don't, re-ask me next week.
1. What are the names of the promising investigator (who is the wife of the previously active member and priesthood holder)? Their names are Francisco and Susel Grimòn. Francisco has a sweet beard. Hopefully you'll get to see the pictures of when he baptizes her. They're progressing really well. Francisco is quitting smoking so he can do the baptism and Susel is quitting coffee, but they're doing really well.
2. Are the trees and flowers coming out? The trees, yes. I haven't really noticed many flowers. We're going to do a service project this saturday and part of it is planting flowers. (I think that's the relief society half of the project.) So yeah, it's starting to get pretty warm. The summer as I might have already said is going to kill me. I can already tell.
3. Is everything ok with your stuff? Yes. It's all in good shape.
4. All ok at your apartment and with your companion? Yeah. It's starting to get... a little old with my companion because he's so trunky and tells all the members how close he is to finishing. But yeah, we get along fine.
5. Do you have any baptismal anecdotes or thoughts to help your father with his Priesthood lesson? Just that, for someone who's already a member, it's easy to forget about your baptism and why you got baptized. To be honest, I don't remember much about my baptism, except I got a nerf gun for that birthday and I shot it off the balcony at dinner after. But it doesn't matter. I've learned a lot since then. Now, I'm starting to realize fully the significance of my baptism, but it's only the first step. Now that I know fully why I was baptized, I know that didn't do me any good unless I keep the covenants I made. Lots of people think that for that reason, it's better to not get baptized. But if we don't make those covenants, it's almost as bad as if we made them and broke them.
6. Have you been able to go to the temple when you have been in Montevideo? No. I saw it once, my first day in the country, and I've never seen it since. They're closed on Mondays and that's the only time I've been to Montevideo with any time on my hands.
7. Are you probly leaving in 2 weeks? Yes. Change day is October 5th. And it's really likely that I leave
8. What is your companion like? He's a baseball player. He's a football player. He's practically engaged. He works hard, but doesn't really want to be here anymore. He gets home 3 days after Christmas and he's pretty upset about it.
9. How have you changed since you've been on your mission? I've learned a lot of the basics of the gospel. Before, I was really concerned with the little stuff, like....I dunno...Is coke okay for the Word of Wisdom? Now I've just started to realize that it doesn't matter. What really matters is why we do the things we do. Not drinking alcohol is a logical thing that God asked us to do, but a lot of people don't understand why we don't drink Tea. The answer is because we know that God commanded us and we are obedient.
10. What are you studying for personal study? Book of Mormon obviously. Preach My Gospel a little. I've just started the teachings of teh prophet Spencer W. Kimball and am loving it.

Anyways, that's my week. We're having a hard time finding new people right now, but the people we have are progressing really well. The conference of leaders messed us up this week, but we will survive. Vamo' Arriba, no mà.

Love you all, hope all keeps going well for you guys.


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