Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th, 2010 Treinta y Tres with Elder Draper

Hey all,,

Ando volando, folks. Things are going really well. I might be looking at my last week in 33 and it's gonna be a crazy week. We have a special Stake (District) conference with the Seventy who is the new president of area, President Arnold. We also have a special zone meeting with him on Friday. It's a meeting with other zones, including Elder Erickson's current zone, so that will be cool seeing him again.

Re: Cambios. There is a chance I still stay here. Colvin has been here forever, but that's not very common. I predict I leave, even though I don't want to. Elder Draper predicts I go to the offices. One of the branch presidents told me I need to pray to avoid it because everyone he's known who worked in the offices for too long went inactive after the mission. My official prediction is that I go to ... Melo. Also, remember P day will be Tuesday next week because of cambio week.

Re: Maryta. She has her own computer and told us she has sent Ron tons of stuff. She told us she got stuff from him, so I think it worked out.

Most houses don't have computers, but do have phones, or at least cell phones. It's probably fairly similar to up there in that aspect. I don't know how missionaries ever got anything done without phones.

Hope everything is going well there. It sounds pretty nice, turning into fall. We're having a really really mild winter apparently. And we're almost out of it now. August is supposed to be a terrible month, but it hasn't been that cold at all. It's only really rained about 4 or 5 times since I got here. The summer's gonna kill me. I know it.

I never had Hayward as a teacher. I did have Haydock though. That's probably who you were thinking of.

Yes, my knees are all better. It wasn't bad at all. It just stung a little bit walking into the baptismal font with scraped up knees. Oh well. Such is life. Speaking of baptisms, we're going to have one this weekend during the conference. It's a family that just came to church a few weeks ago and now they're all ready to get baptized. We get to look good in front of the big wigs from Salt Lake haha.)

So yeah, this might be my last email from 33. At least I'm going out with a family of baptisms. I'm really gonna miss the amazing amounts of food they give us here, but I've heard there are other good places too. It's probably for the best. I'm looking a little chubby around the cheeks. haha.


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