Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th, 2010 Treinta y Tres with Elder Erickson

Hey all,,

It's been a really interesting a good way. When someone says something was interesting, it seems like it's always negative. If you're wondering, I didn't mean it that way. Vanessa, who was supposed to get baptized with the others, finally got baptized. It got a little complicated because she got back with her old boyfriend who doesn't respect her at all, and if she is with him, it makes it hard for her to stay out of trouble. Fortunately, she's left him again. We'll see what happens.

The two girls who got baptized last week are doing well. We visited them and asked them about what they were reading. Flabia, who's 13, told us every tiny thing that happened in 1 Nephi 17. It was amazing. Cecilia, who's 16 is still doing well too.

Concerning changes: We do interchanges for a day at a time, but when we actually change areas, we move departments completely, so when I move(which is probably August 24th) I'll be completely out of the department of 33.
Concerning Ron Roper: I talked to Maryta. It sounds like they got in contact well enough. I'm curious to see how that goes from now. She was really excited to hear from him.
Yeah, doing the confirmation was a little nerve-wracking, but apparently everyone was confident enough in my spanish ability..minus I until I actually did it. It was awesome.

Wow. 6 months almost. That is crazy. It really does fly. People tell me the first few months go really slow and then speed up, but they're already flying. The mission is almost a quarter done. I can't even believe it. I'm still in my first area, but I only have a year and a half left. At this point, the only thing that makes it seem like a long time is how much has happened there since I left. Time here flies, but it seems like so much has changed at home.

Yeah, I've got everything under control here. the food is really good. We're having extra demand on the lunch calendar, so we've had to have double lunches some days. People keep telling me I'll never have anything like this in any other area my whole mission. I made the potato soup last night and it was really good. We made calzones with the zone at a member's house and tonight, i'm probably gonna make some sloppy joes for dinner.

The weather is still really changing. It hasn't rained for a while, but they it will soon.

I haven't been sick.
I did hurt my knees when I fell, but didn't rip my pants.
My new converts are doing well.


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