Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010 Treinta y Tres with Elder Erickson

I did get the packages this week. one from you with the stuff from argentina and the one from grandma with the candy and brownies(which were amazing by the way)

I didn't find socks. I'm not in dire need, but it'd be nice to have some more. I'm seeing i'm a little shorter on garments than I'd like, but I can get them just fine when I go into to Montevideo because there's a distribution center there. The socks here aren't very good though, I hear.

hey gente,, ¿Como andaìs vosotros? Ojalà que estèis bien y que todo os haya ido bien.

Thanks, Dad, for the random news, especially the spelling bee update. Uruguay could use a spelling bee. They say there are no spelling bees in spanish because everything is logical. Out here in the campo, they don't do so well. B and V are the same for them, so they write Bien Benidos on the board in sunday school. Also, they don't know when words start with H because it doesn't make a sound. Like ''Honor'' for us. It's weird knowing how to spell better than they do at times.

Sounds like everything's good at home. Lots of people running and vacationing and getting out of school and whatnot. I guess it's that time of year there. Now it's just starting to get cold. I've had to break out the beanie every once in a while. During the day, it's pretty warm still, but it's cold at night. I sleep with my big grey hat with the ear flaps, it's perfect. I use my sweater and jacket(nonrain part of the 3in1) every once in a while. Right now, I'm wearing my short sleeve shirt still. it's pretty nice and we're going down to the beach (Playa Olimar on the Rio Olimar, not the ocean-type beach.) for a little bit to hang out.

Transfer day goes like this(when you don't transfer:) Normal P-day, except on Tuesday.
Transfer day goes like this(when you or your companion transfers:) You pack up, ride in to Montevideo to Tres Cruces and make the change and then move to your new area. We find out if there's a change the Sunday right before. We didn't change, so we just hung out here in 33.

We get 3100 pesos a month for stuff. I don't know what that comes out to though. It's around 19 pesos for a dollar. It's definitely enough because the members feed us every day and oatmeal and milk are cheap (and growing on me.)

Yeah...the World cup. It's kinda madness. All the mission is bracing itself for the worst. No one's gonna answer the door. Oh well. We'll see. I don't have to worry so much about Peñarol and Nacional now because everyone's united under the Celeste flag of Uruguay and that futbol season is over. (there's a song that's on all the copa mundial commercials that's really good. I recommend it. I'm downloading it when I get back)

Work-wise, things were a little rough this week. We worked really hard and focussed on getting people to church and none of our investigators came, so we keep working. We'll see. It's getting easier and things are going really well. Yesterday was just a little bit of a let-down when only one non-member came and we'd never taught him. On the upside, he's a reference from a member, which are really likely to turn into baptisms, so we'll see.

I think that's all for now. No big news, I don't think


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