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Treinta Y Tres April 26, 2010

Hello all,,

Here's the information on communication. Immediate family can email me on address. Others can email me on and I will recieve it as a letter. It's really fast. I will get that kind of letter in a week (or maybe two. I got one from Zoie, but I didn't get either of yours, so it's good you sent it to this email too), which is really nice. If anyone outside the family has anything to say to me, urumontemission is the way to go. In the family, still works. With any luck, you'll hear from me by mail...not very often. I probably won't write much outside of my email

So I'm here in 33, la tierra prometida. Our area is Yerbal/Olimar. Yes, we have two branches, which means we get to go to church twice on Sundays. There's a really nice chapel here and really nice people. It's in the interior so the people are a lot more tranquil I hear. Definitely more than those in Buenos Aires. I assume Montevideo is similar. I'm curious to hear from all the former Montevideo Uruguay returned missionaries to hear if they were ever here in Yerbal or Olimar in Treinta y Tres.

The story of Treinta y Tres, as I understand it is this: There were 33 generals who won some battle against Argentina to win their independence. I hadn't heard anything about the forest or anything like Bro. Horton had said, but I only have a week. I'm sure I'll hear it plenty by the time I leave.

Your research on the town is correct. It is nice. Your research on my companion is incorrect. He's from Dallas, Texas, went to BYU,and his name is Dane, not Garrett.He's awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer.

Sounds like everything back home is going well with all the various moves and jobs and relationships and dinners and parties and such. Things here are equally peachy. I got a blister today playing soccer, but other than that I've been doing fine. I can understand people in general and I can usually say what I want to. I'm just working on knowing what to say now.

Living Conditions: We have an apartment that is fairly nice and only 2 blocks from the Capilla, which is nice. From what I hear, it's one of the nicest in the mission. I don't know how reassuring that is. It really isn't bad. Our bathroom flooded the first night. We didn't know the bidet didn't work, so we tried it and didn't quite get it turned off and it leaked all night and there's no drain in the bathroom except in the shower which is higher than the floor, so we swept the water out to the balcony through the kitchen and now we're doing great.

Mothers Day Phone Call: I don't know much details yet other than you're supposed to call me. I don't know how that works. I don't know our number. What I do know is our Sunday schedule: 9-12 Church in the Olimar branch, 2-5 church in the Yerbal branch. So..vamos arriba. I'll let you know more details next week when I know more.

Whitewash: Whitewashes seem to have a bad reputation because sometimes it means that the past two elders did something dumb and made people mad or got sent home or something. Luckily, that's not the case this time. We walked into a few investigators that were already progressing. The first one we talked to for the first time, set his own baptismal date, so it's a pretty solid area. It's pretty fun getting to know the two different branches. The people in both are really nice. We have a lunch appointment with a member signed up almost every day for the next month, so we're not going to starve.

Sorry to hear about Grandpa. I'll definitely be praying for him. Keep me updated on the situation.

Yes, I did arrive with all my stuff. All of it works, except my alarm clock doesn't...alarm. It does play music, which is nice. Maybe I just haven't figured it out yet. I've just been using the alarm on my watch, so I'm doing fine. Yes, I have the right adapter. I think we did pretty well with all the packing mayhem, now that everything is settling. Sounds like there isn't that much that's impossible to get here, so I'm doing great.
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That's my life. Everything is pretty great.


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