Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hola familia,

Thanks for everything. Hope everything is going well at home. Everything is going awesome(ly?) here. (awesome sorta got lost from my vocabulary because i haven't bothered to find an equivalent in Spanish.) I look forward to getting your letters and packages, though I'm starting to wonder if they'll make it here before I leave. Nothing showed up today. No big deal though. I'm pretty sure they're good about forwarding things to missions. Who knows though. Anyways, from now on, if you write me, use the Uruguay address. (I'm curious to know who has written letters and when, because I've gotten letters from Emily and that's it.) This place is a little disorganized every once in a while. Things are always changing. The proseletismo situation might be changing soon. We might be doing one more day a week for a couple hours, except...on exchanges with a latino companionship, so that's really exciting because it's more likely how it'll be in the field.

A new group of gringos came last week, but only 2--an elder and a sister. They got put with the group right after us, so they're playing catch up on the spanish.

Conference was amazing. We got to watch all 5 sessions in spanish. We got to watch 3 of them live. Watching with missionaries is amazing, because certain general authorities are celebrities around here. ´´Yes! Elder Holland! He's probably gonna lay down the law!´´ Elder Rasband's talk about how they call missionaries was sweet, especially as relatively new missionaries. It was really cool to see dad live because usually any communication with home is delayed by at least a little bit (I can handle satellite delay.) They didn't have any real close shots of him as far as I could tell, but all the gringos watched it together in a little room and they could all recognize him by the end. If I can't figure out an english copy of the Conference Liahona, I think I'll want the ensign from home. Wait on it though. I think there's pretty good odds of finding it, especially if i'm in the CCM when it comes out.

Sounds like everything at home is changing pretty fast. Emily's moving to Washington, Mark's moving to California. That's so crazy. I knew my life would change a lot, but hearing you guys are making big changes is cool.

The Español is awesome. My companion and I are....better. We run into problems every once in a while, but we're steadily improving. Proseletismo was...rough this last week, more on that later, but I am definitely getting spanish better and I can understand natives about...90% of the time if I ask them to slow down and repeat a lot...75% of the time without anything, so that's really exciting.

I've never lived so consistently with such a strong spirit as I have these last(almost) 2 months. There are definitely times at home that you get really strong feelings and impressions, but here it's non-stop.

Good to hear about everything back home. Hope things keep going as well as they sound

Love,, Elder Parry


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