Monday, May 3, 2010

Treinta y Tres May 3, 2010

Hey everyone!

This has been quite the week. Lots of stuff going on. I did my first intercambio due to my companion is district leader, so he had to go do a baptismal interview. That was quite the experience. It was weird knowing the area better than my companion and having to lead him. It was weird having a similar spanish level. I'm accustomed to E' Erickson's spanish, which is really good. Anyways, things went well and I survived.

Story ofthe week: Fabian.
We met Fabian a week ago, he didn't have any work so he had plenty of time to listen to us, we taught him a lesson, and left. We set up another time to visit him, but when we called to confirm it, he said he was out working all week in the campaña, so he wouldn't be there. So we went back last night and he was back. He was there with his wife watching the Peñarol game (There are two main futbol teams in Uruguay. Peñarol and Nacional. I haven't quite decided yet. Everyone asks you.) Anyways, we went and talked to them. They didn't want to stop watching and we didn't have much time anyways. We talked for a little and watched a little. Fabian was shouting that Peñarol was gonna win. There was a minute left and it was tied. My companion is a Nacional fan and said, somewhat jokingly, "If God is a God of miracles, Peñarol will win" 20 seconds later, Peñarol scored a big gol and won the game. Fabian went crazy. Then he told us how powerful we were because we had prayed for him to find work and found it the same day. Then with the futbol experience, he was sure we were messengers from God, so we'll see how he keeps his enthusiasm when we start seriously teaching him and tell him he needs to stop drinking wine (which he offered to me in a coke bottle, so I didn't know what it was. Don't worry. My companion helped me talk my way out of that situation.

No, we can't really print out very well. If we can, I'm not sure how it works and we don't have much time. I'm glad you got the email from the mission office. I was worrying they would't send it after it wasn't there last week. Sounds like everything is awesome at home. Lots of exciting stuff going on. Things seem to be improving for everyone, which is better than the alternative.

I'm glad to hear Grandpa's medical situation is more or less under control. Better than it seemed at first anyways. I'm praying for him. Sounds like it's not as bad as it seemed at first

Everything is great here. I'm pretty well adjusted to everything. I'm learning to focus through 6 hours of church in straight Spanish. Towards the 6th hour, it gets a little hard, but it's really good. I'm learning to understand people really well. There are a few gauchos that are missing all their teeth and can't speak clearly if they try, that I can't understand a word. There's a chance I will never understand them. (Could someone look up Yapa and tell me who he is? He looks like a gaucho version of Steve Carrell. I think he's some type of celebrity.)

I'm learning Vos form. It's really easy, but it's hard to switch to. I now have to keep track of 3 different forms to say 'you' Usted with everyone but little kids, Tù in prayers, and Vos with little kids. It's crazy. Lucky that Vos isn't that hard. I just have to decide when to use it.



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