Monday, May 24, 2010

Treint y Tres May 24, 2010

Hey all,,

I'm finally sending pictures today. We finally got it worked out so I had a way to get my SD card connected to the computers at the ciber. Now you can finally have the obligatory ''pointing at the mission on the map'' picture. Also, picture of me with the two little girls I baptized, Camila and Luciana. Also, my sweet new Rancheritas. they're the official shoes of gauchos when they're not wearing their gauchoboots. They're awesome. we just wear them as slippers around the house. One picture is me, my CCM comp, and the CCM president and his wife.The last picture is just the view from our balcony on a foggy morning. I'll work on sending more at some point.

Sounds like everything is pretty awesome at home. Pretty chill. That's not how it is here. Well...awesome. Not chill though. With respect to the weather, yes. It's starting to get cold every once in a while. It's somewhat Utah-like because it goes from freezing to burning over the course of a day.

With respect to (I don't think I said that phrase before, but that's how it is in spanish.) the apartment, yes, we have a microwave. We also have a propane oven and stove. We've only used the oven once and the stove once though because our huge meal of the day is always cooked for us. So, no one really chooses what we eat. I don't have the situation Spencer does apparently. I eat what I want for breakfast (I recently figured out a cheaper way to buy cereal, so i'm having frosted flakes lately.) and Elder Erickson eats his oatmeal. There's no official designation, like it sounds like there is in Russia.

Thanks for the Lost update. Very helpful. I don't even want to know. I'll look it up in 2 years. If the finale was 5 1/2 hours, i'll have plenty to catch up on.

Hope everything went (is going. It's monday morning now. maybe a bit early for you) well with Grandpa's surgery. Always praying for him.

Yes, the baptism did go well. It was the two twin girls that we thought would count as baptisms for the mission, but ended up as children baptisms. Oh well. I still got to get my white pants out and get wet. The font was freezing because they forgot to prefill it and the hot water didn't come out fast enough. I liked it because it was a hot day, but Camila and Luciana are still a little mad at us for dunking them in cold water. Apparently I baptized them like it was the temple. A little fast. That's just what I'm accustomed to, I guess.)

We're working on the Discman Portable, which is spanish for portable cd player. I'm probably buying one today, so if you could send me the new MoTab cd when it comes out, that would be impeccable. Haven't seen the other package, but we have district meeting tomorrow, so i'll let you know. If you send more, I need socks. I don't think I ended up bringing all of them that I had. I'm a little short. All is well though.

Love you all. Talk to you next week


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