Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010 Treinta y Tres with Elder Ericksen

Hey all,,
Sorry about not telling you, but P-day is Tuesday this week because of changes. (Nothing changed. I'm staying here in Treinta y Tres with Elder Erickson.) So you know, that's every 6 weeks, so I hope you didn't panic too much that you didn't get an email from me yesterday. I assume mom just looked it up on some blog. I was sitting next to Elder Colvin in the Cyber when I read that you were reading his blog.

Sorry all the pictures didn't work. They took forever to upload and I ran out of time. I didn't bring my camera today. I'll be sure and try to get you some soon. I'm glad it looks like I'm losing weight, because I don't feel like I am. They feed us a lot here. Every once in a while there are members that own a carrito (a type of roadside stand that sells giant hamburgers and milanesas,)so we have that every now and then. I guess all the walking is paying off. We have a fairly big area, so that helps.

Sounds like all is well at home. It hadn't even occurred to me that it was memorial day. Time is flying already. Hope everything continues to go well.

This has been a cool week. We're finding lots of people and we're getting to know the members well enough to get their help in the work, which helps a lot. We invited an Hermana from the ward to come with us to a lesson with an investigator and she volunteered to come to her house and bring her to church on Sunday. When they came, everyone was really open. (To me, as an outsider, everyone is really open with everyone. She's already on track with the kisses on the cheek with the members. To them that doesn't mean that much, but to me, she looked...very welcome.) Anyways, we had our class for investigators and new converts and it was just her and us. We taught and she listened. A member of the branch presidency came in and sat in on the class and he was really helpful. We basically treated it like a lesson we would teach at her house and we set a baptismal date with her for a few weeks from now, so we'll see. She's really cool and has called us angels on several occasions, so it's really fun to teach her.

We had some more water problems in the apartment. A pipe broke out on our balcony, so we had to hang out in the house all morning the other day waiting for the plumber to come replace it. It was raining, so we did the Uruguay tradition of making Tortas fritas, which are basically scones. We guessed the recipe and they came out awesome.

Everything's all fixed now with the pipes and it's stopped raining, so everything's going really well. I'll talk to you next week. Hasta luego.


Joke of the week: (Sorry to those of you who don't speak spanish. it doesn't work in english) Brigham Young fue a la casa de Josè Smith y golpeò la puerta. Emma la contestò. Brigham Young preguntò: ¿Està el profeta? ¿Està Josè? Y Emma dijo: No, èl està en Ohio. Y Brigham Young dijo: ¡¿Conmigo?!

Hope you got it. See ya


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