Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Change Day Treinta y Tres New companion Elder Draper

Hey all,

Today is Change Day. I'm with Elder Colvin right now. We're in the cyber here in 33. I'm waiting for my new companion, Elder Draper. I'm staying in my area for one more change. So my companion and Colvin's companion travelled to Montevideo today to make the change. My old companion was sure he would stay here and I would move. He was a little upset he had to pack up because he only has one more change left in the mission and we've been sowing in this area for the last 3 months without serious success, and we're just starting to see the fruits, so Elder Draper and I will have to get harvesting. The World Cup is over. Forlàn is the best player in the world and Uruguay is number 4 in the world. Most importantly...it's over. People are glued to their TV`s for the world cup, so it's hard to find people, especially during Uruguay games. Also, Vacations are over. Because we're out in the country, a lot of people go out even farther into the country on vacations to visit family and stuff. All of our serious investigators went out of town for a few weeks, and now they're back. This is going to be a really good change. We've got a lot of stuff planned, including 4 baptisms, which will be nice after going my first 2 changes without a convert baptism. Oh well, we've been working and finally get to see fruits.

Sounds like all is well at home. I hope that things keep going in the directions they're going in. I'm praying for you all and I'm working on that picture request. COlvin has a card reader, but i don't have my camera with me, so it'll be another day. I haven't taken tons, but I'll get started. I promise.

-Èlder Parry


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