Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb. 28, 2011 with Elder B

Hey all,
Sounds like everything's going well at home. Congratulations on making it through the wedding! Feb 18 passed pretty tranquilo here for me. No burned ties. (I heard the Brethren are pretty opposed to burning-related traditions.) But I did buy myself a big ol' tub of ice cream. I kinda had 2 parties because I was on intercambio on the 18th. I'm now doing baptismal interviews for the other areas in my district, so I had to travel to Melo and get all that done. We're in Melo right now too for p-day. We're the only missionaries in Rio Branco, so our whole district and whole zone is in Melo. We're the only ones in the Melo Zone that don't actually live in Melo.
Congratulations to Sydney for her success in the Science Fair. ¡Vamos Arriba! I always did wonder why there are no dried oranges.
I don't really know if I got the smell out of my suit from the cologne. I can't really smell. No one's said anything. haha.
So yeah, our conference in 33 was amazing. I loved being back in my first chapel. I looked at the Missionaries' lunch calender for my old area and they're getting lunch from people who I taught and are now members. It was awesome. It was a really good conference and...yeah.
Everything's going well here. Probably the funnest cambio I've had my whole mission. Our area: Going really well. Our most solid investigators are...not married, but living together. They're really amazing though. They're working on getting married, I just don't know if I'll be here for it. Our other investigators are all pretty new. Yasi is kinda difficult because she travels a lot on the weekends, but she's doing well. We've found some cool new gente to teach who are really cool, so we'll see how they progress.
District: About the same. We're all in building periods, but we're doing well. There are 4 sets of missionaries in the district: Elderes: Duffy, Rodriguez, Ercanbrack, Erwin, Martino, and Padilla(Zone Leaders) so it's really good. Padilla is the only non-gringo in the district.

Have a good week!


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