Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011 with Elder Spilsbury in Maronas, Montevideo

Hey all,

This has been a really cool week. The work is starting to pick up...right as I'm about to probly leave the area. the 8th is change day and I am most likely to leave.

Marìa and Verònica are progressing on quitting smoking, but didn't come to church yesterday. We can't figure out what happened. They were both really excited to go. Oh well. we're going today after p-day to figure out what happened.

Also, today during, we're having an asado with a recent convert, Luis Gomez who's really cool.

Wow, it's crazy to hear about all the changes back home. VF has a pizza place and is going to have a movie theater? Whoa. I was sure VF was about to get bulldozered and it wouldn't even be standing by the time I got home. That's really cool.

Wow, Susan's birthday. I remember that happened right before I left. That means I've been gone almost a year. Happy Birthday Susan!

Hope all continues to go well up there in the northern hemisphere. It just occurred to me that almost everyone I know is in the northern hemisphere. Dominick's here in Uruguay, and Jordan's coming down to Bolivia, but...I don't even know if it is in the southern hemisphere. I just have so many friends serving in the northern hemisphere: Russia, Ukraine, California, Oregon, Guatemala, West Virginia. That's really interesting.

Well, have a nice week. Hope it's a good one...without any fears. (name that song)


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