Monday, December 6, 2010

December 5, 2010 with Elder Spilsbury in Libya, Maronas, Montevideo

I just got my packge from Grandma Farmer! Thanks a lot!

Still no sign of packages from you guys yet though. Paciencia, as elder Bracho always said.

Happy Almost Christmas...ish! er:....DECEMBER!WOOOH!

You have no idea how excited I am for Christmas. I'm still trying to figure out what a missionary is supposed to do for Christmas. There 's only one missionary in my district has passed a Christmas in the mission, so we'll probly grilling him to find out what we do.

When I say that my comp is a capo, I think it literally translates to ´´stud´´ but I don't like that word in english, so I didn't use it. He's a good kid and his spanish is coming really well. He's a little low on confidence, but so was I. Fun fact: I realized today tht I've never had a comp younger than me in age. Elder Spilsbury is 20 already. It's really weird that i'm not having any young comps.

Hmm..the progress in this area . A little rough this week. The Sosa family's still hanging in there, not baptised yet, but really wanting to. Yann, the new kid we found got in trouble from his grandma for listening to him and we haven't found him since. Irma, the sweet old lady with lots of faith, told us to never come back because her son's really sick and doesn't want to know anything about anything. It's been kinda rough. We're starting to figure out what's missing and do it. we're trying new things I've never done in my whole mission. It'll be period of lots of growth.

Other thn that, things are awesome. Me and my comp get along really well and work well together. We're happy and looking forward to Christmas. Hope everything's going well at home. Sounds like it is. Love you all. Feliz Navidad in a little bit.



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