Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov. 22, 2010 Maronas, Montevideo with Elder Spilsbury

Hey all,,

What a week. It's been so crazy around here. We had the baptism of Martha and Heber this week. The Sosa Family should be baptized this upcoming week, so that will be exciting.The baptismalservice was amazing. I baptized Martha and our Ward Mission Leader baptised Heber.He basically carried him into the baptismal font and baptised him. I was standing right behind just in case. Wewere all so happy that day. There was a ward activity right before, so therewas good turnout. Another cool thing isthat Martha's mom is gonna start coming to our ward instead of another ward so they can split the cab price, so now they can afford to come on their own better. the confirmation wasreally cool. And after,Heber got the Aaronic Priesthood. It was really exciting

So, yeah. Now we need to get ready for the baptism of the Sosa family. That will be crazy trying to find enough clothes for all of them...and me arranging it for the most part because my comp doesn't know any ward members very well yet. It'll be really fun.

Training has been awesome. Don't tell my oro, but I have no idea what I'm doing.
Yeah, that zone conference was awesome.The oros aren't there yet. That was November 4th and the oros came the 16th. Is Elder Clark the one that looks like Clark Kent? We were joking about that. He hates it when people call him that.

Re: Christmas and Thanksgiving. Yeah, the plans are already starting to fall into place. All the memberswant us to come over to their house. That's so weird to me. We would never invite the missionaries to our house for Christmas. So Christmas should be fun. Me and my comp just starting singing to help the ward choir a little for the stake end of year party, so that'll be really fun.

Fwah. I'm jealous. I've been looking at Carl Bloch's paintings in my little Gospel art book here. I love the one where they're about to put Him in the tomb. Did they have that one in teh exhibit?

Photo explanations: 1 is us in the mission home when we found who our oros are. 2 is us in Tres Cruces because Spilsbury felt like taking pictures. 3 is the baptism of Martha and Heber. I swear I have one with me in it, but it's on my memory card and it's in the house, so maybe some other day.

Hope your lives keep being interesting, so I can read about them every monday. ooh. Actually, this next week, it will be on Tuesday, because I got invited to a leadership conference thingy that I have to go to on Monday, so I have Pday on Tuesday.

Have fun up there in the north. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Work hard. Be happy. Stuff like that. Love you.)

With all due respect,


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