Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey all,,

I hope by ''healthy'' you don't mean fat. I've been getting that from the members lately. I've lost weight and I feel healthier, but I've got a panza (belly.) now. Starting this week, I'm starting my healthy eating and more efficient exercising. Yes! Any ways, that picture cme through elder bracho so we only had to upload teh picture once and send it once.

Bracho's days are counted unto him in this area (literally. We have 2 countdowns on the whiteboard. Till the change day and till Christmas.) So he's already starting to get sick of this area. He's always telling members he'll be in Maldonado in 2 weeks even though he has no idea where he's going. His last day, we get to go to the wedding of the Sosa family that's getting baptized teh week after. That'll be pretty exciting. Unfortunately, he won't be at the baptism. Another couple that's getting baptized with them is Martha and Heber, an older couple that have lived with members their whole lives nd are just now starting to listen to us. Heber is half paralytic, so he needs help in and out of the member's car that comes to pick him up. Helping him made me think of how grateful I was to have already had expèrience with that with Grandpa.

Time difference betweenUruguay and Utah....I dunno. it's about 3 pm right now when i send this email

Congratulations to Emily and Nathan for getting their temple appointment for their wedding. That's so awesome. We just hd the chance to go to the temple and it was amazing. I'm glad you get to go there, Emily! If you're accepting votes on whether or not there is a life size "Bryan" to stand in the line, my vote is...please no.

Baptismal update. I don't know if I explained well before. Gerardo got baptized my first week here. 2 Weeks later, he baptized Jesùs. Sussel got baptized in 33 the same week. I'm still waiting for Elder Draper to send me the pictures, along with other stuff I left in 33.

How are you liking your...
Ward: liking it. Right now the mission president and bishop odds. Da Silva wants to have a bptism every week and the bishop wants it to be every other week, so more people will come. Da Silva has the prophet on his side, but Bishop Pitta doesn't see that. Other than that, everything's great.
Area: Liking it. It's really big, so I'll never get bored here. Also, I have a feeling I won't be here 6 months like before.
Comp: He's been really good. He only has 8 days left here and taking advantage of it. We've gotten along fairly well, with our rough spots for sure, but nothing that's lasted longer than half an hour. Luckily, both of us want the same things, so if there's disgreement, it's just bout how to do it best. We resolve it and move on. It's been really nice.
Food: Too much.

Sightseeing: I'm not really sure what there is around here. I'll hve to start asking around. I was really in tune with the cu lture of 33, which is , "We are a calm town and we don't like Montevideo." Now I need to get used to Montevideo c ulture.

When we went to the hospital, we did take a taxi. In general, it's not reembursable(sp? reembolsable) so we don't take taxis much.

We call the lessons "charlas" or "lecciones" I've never heard anyone use the word "platica" or "platicar" so I dunno if it's a change due to time or due to country change.

The biggest change that has taken place in me this week: I went to the distribution center and got really excited and bought the Legacy soundtrack. Yes, I now like Legacy. And I listen to the soundtrack every day.

Love you all,

P.s. Ice cream is more expensive in the people's minds than it really is. I can afford it, but I feel really guilty eating it because no one else buys it. For some reason though, it's cheaper in the summer according to what i've heard. McDonald's has really good ice cream and it's right in Tres Cruces. Don't worry.


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