Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011 with Elder Spilsbury Maronas, Montevideo

Hey all,

Hope everything is going well up north. The southern hemisphere is burning up, but we're loving it. Lots of Agua con Gas (Soda Water, I now love it.) We got rained on yesterday. It's weird dying of thirst in the rain. I ended up asking for water in every house we went to because I couldn't buy any because it was Sunday. Oh well. We got into some really good charlas yesterday. There's this lady Marìa and her daughter Verònica that we had taught once, but hadn't found them again. We walked clear out to their house and found them again and they're both really dedicated to quit smoking and they want to get to know the church. That was really exciting. It's about time we have a new investigator progress. It feels good.

It's weird hearing about the old Rock Creek. I was just telling my comp that we always went there. I haven't had a Rock Creek craving in a while, but the other day, I did. I could almost taste it. Sounds like you're keeping up the cool traditions and having fun.

So I'm about to turn 11 months tomorrow. I feel so old. I feel like the mission is gonna end way too soon. This is my life. It's weird to think it's gonna end some day. My comp is way trunky and he only has 4 months. Luckily, it's not rubbing off on me. haha

Hope things keep going well up there. Love you all. Have a good week. Talk to you next Monday.


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