Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011 with Elder Spilsbury

Hey all,

Hope all is well there, sounds like everyone's starting off the new
year well. We sure are down here. The area's starting to pick back up
and we've got some investigators that are starting to progress. Yes!
We actually just got back from playing ping-pong with one of the
teenagers who almost got baptized when Bracho was here. He backed out,
but out of nowhere he's come to church the last 2 weeks, so we're
starting up with him again to see what happens.

Wow. Secretariat. I've never heard of that movie. I feel so old in the
mission that movies are in the dollar theatre that I never saw a
preview before. I even usually hear about movies here and see posters.
Is there a new A-Team movie? Green Lantern? And something called "What
the Shrek Just Happened?"

Anyways, this week really has flown by. We had a really broken up
week. We had District meeting on Wednesday. I had a Leaders/Future
Leaders conference (sorta) on Friday. I went with my district leader,
Elder Pesqueira and he got really sick, we went back to his house and
I got a day of relaxation.

My comp ran our area that day and he did awesome. It was the first
time he worked a whole day with a Latino companion, so I was really
excited for him.

I can't believe how fast time goes. A member pointed out that I only
have one Christmas left. Then I realized I only have 1 of every annual
thing left, with the few exceptions of the birthdays in the next month
or so, speaking of which, Happy Birthday Grandma!

-I'm pretty psyched for the new Motab Men's CD. Some member showed me
the cover on Looks pretty cool.

Whoa. I forgot about Church schedule changes. They don't really happen
down here. The areas are so big that they only have one ward in each
building and if they changed the schedule every year, people would use
it as yet another excuse to go inactive. This is the first time I've
heard of like...a big change in our ward the whole time I've been
gone. I've been curious about that.

Hope you all have a great week. Love you all. "The gospel is so true.
't's awesome" as Brother McKissick used to say.-


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