Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec. 20, 2010 with Elder Spilsbury in Libya, Maronas, Montevideo

Hey all,,

Happy week of Christmas! It's finally here! Hope every thing's as crazy up there as it always is. I kinda miss crazy Christmas. We haven't seen that too much down here. THere's an aisle of christmas decorations in the supermarket and people selling stuff, and lots of little christmas trees (inside with way, way too many lights and bows.) Other than that, it only really feels ´´like christmas´´ inside our house where we've got a little tree and christmas cards taped up on the side of our bookcase and Christmas music playing.

News for this week: We didn't get robbed, my asthma is a lot better, the Sosa family is getting baptized the 26th (crossing my fingers), we found a few new investigators, we had the mission christmas conference (which was really awesome.) and we are psyched for Christmas.

Re: My birthday. No idea what I'm gonna do for my birthday. Probly...not much different from other days. I don't really have any good ideas. I didn't even realize it was so close as tomorrow. We have a few Family Home Evenings planned where they know it's my birthday, so those might end up being little party...citas...partitas?...fiestitas. There we go. More comfortable. (Confession. I don't know if I'll be able to speak very well on Christmas. My pure english is just kinda shot.) Probly I'll end up buying some Ice Cream or something. I kinda never have the ganas. shoot. how do you say that. desires? I don't really have many desires to eat much. We eat way too much on the mission and I'm now trying to lose a little weight. I'm at about the weight I was when I started, so I'm gonna try to end up skinny. Yes!

Changes. Probably I won't change. Usually trainers are with their oros for 2 changes, never more, almost never less (unless the trainer finishes the mission that change) when we change, I hope I get out of Montevideo. I've turned into a small town country boy out here. I love Elder Spilsbury, so I hope I get the second change with Spilsbury. I love training.

Christmas: I dunno. We've got a genuine 'Guayo Asado planned with some less active members and...probly other members will offer before then. And then we'll have the baptism the day after.

Talk to you all on Saturday. Happy Christmas!


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