Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 28, 2011 with Elder Spilsbury Libya, Maronas, Uruguay

Hey all,,

Hope Christmas was awesome for everyone. It was good here in spite of all the heat. Christmas just isn't the same here, but I still loved it. They go crazy with the fireworks at midnight. We woke up to watch them from the window. We weren't allowed to go out while they were going on, but I saw enough for my liking.

Today is Change day. Not for us though. Me and Elder Spilsbury are still here in Libia for 6 more weeks. Just like we expected.

This has been a really good week for the work. We had some rough days with Christmas and everything but on Sunday we found a cool family that lives about half a block from the church, so we'll see where that goes. Fun fact: the mom of the family is the sister of the son of Martha and Heber that got baptized a while back, so that's cool.

It's still hot here. I don't know what else to really tell. It was really nice talking with the family on Christmas (despite the difficulties, haha.) It was actually nice because it gave me a fun story to tell the members when they asked how the Christmas call was. (p.s. If Sister Jensen is confused about that random phrase I said when I called, what I said was "Saludos a la familia" which is just "Say hi to the family for me"...but in the rush, I forgot how to say that, so the spanish phrase came out.)

I'm finally sending you some pictures. One is just me with our sweet Arbolito from Christmas. One is my old district from before the changes. One is most of our zone on p-day when some of our teachers from the CCM (that got married when I was there, Los Zanzi) came to visit us.Plus I forwarded teh email of the photo of the whole mission at the mission conference. I'm sorta hard to find there. I've got glasses on and I'm towards the back on the right. My comp is there behind all the hermanas.

I love you. Count your blessings. Have fun. Be happy. Don't do anything dumb. Have a good new years. Make some awesome resolutions and keep them. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Oh, be wise. What can I say more?


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