Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Day in Montevideo Feb. 7, 2011

Change of plans this week. P-day is today because of a change in change-day protocol (henceforth and forever), so I haven't heard much of what's going on at I'll just tell you all my news for this week! We'll start with...

CHANGE CALLS: I'm moving to Rio Branco, which is Portuguese for Rio Blanco which is Spanish for White River. Also, Rio Branco is in Melo on the border of Brazil, so I'll be learning some portu駉l. My new comp is named Elder Bush, yes, like the president. He started the mission with Elder Spilsbury, but jumped up a change because he already spoke spanish. I hear he's either from Idaho or Northern Connecticut. The person I asked had no idea. Also, I'm district leader. That's pretty crazy. I thought it might a little while longer before I was district leader. Now when I go to conferences, I won't be a 创future leader" because I'll be a current leader. Also, I'm gonna turn a year with this kid. That's pretty cool.

This last week was awesome. We finally got this area up in good shape just in time for me to leave. This area should finally get to baptizing again. Maria and Veronica finally made it to church and a few inactives I was working with finally came. It was a nice last sunday in the area.

營 don't know anything about the state of my new area. It'll be interesting. It sounds like I'm gonna live in a 4-elder house, but only 2 elders live there, so...we have a huge house. That's kinda nice. I think that's how my first house was in 33. Speaking of 33, I'm gonna get to pass through my old area on the way to Melo. That'll be cool.

So anyways, Hope everything's going well back home still. I won't know till next week. Just heard from Emily, so I hear the wedding's coming close. Time flies. Have fun, remember the reason for the season, remember who you are and what you stand for...and...don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Love you all,


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