Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 with Elder B in Rio Branco

Hey all,

What a week. Lots of unexpected news. I don't even know where to start talking about this week. I guess from the start.
Monday: P-day. But we had to travel to Melo because I had to sign a thing for one of the baptisms for my district. Other than that, fairly normal day.
Tuesday: Find out we have to leave at 7 that night to get to Melo, so, in the morning, I can travel to Montevideo with Duffy and the Zone Leaders to a leadership conference. Also, Cristian and Marcia have a fight and consider separating, but they don't. We travel to Melo
Wednesday: I leave at 12:30 AM to go to Montevideo. We have a sweet conference. No one is working in Rio Branco because Elder Bush is working in Melo. I sit around all day, on the bus there, in the conference, and on the busride back.
Thursday: I work a day in Melo with Elder Rodrìguez on an intercambio, do some baptismal interviews.
Friday: We get the news that they're dividing the area. They tell us we're still going to be comps, but that we're gonna get a new companionship to work in the other half of the town. We start preparing the house for 4 elders. (i.e. we make sure we have the best beds and dressers.)
We had an epic charla with Nico. (Have I mentioned him?)He told us that he read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and then went to bed...then a glass exploded and he's pretty sure that was his answer. We'll see. He still has his doubts about living the standards of the church.
Saturday: They tell us that we're not staying together as a companionship and that we're getting new comps that...aren't missionaries. I'm gonna have a corto plazo, or a short-term missionary. In other words, he's either a recent convert or a young man that's preparing to go on a mission in a couple he's probably a priest and he will be called Hermano or by his first name. Weird. Hey, I'm Elder Parry, and this is my comp, Santiago.
Sunday: We go to church and break the news to all the members that we're getting new comps. They are very happy for us. Sunday night, we readjust the house again, put all the beds in one room and all the desks in the other room, so we can have a nice study room and a nice sleeping room. It's gonna be just like the MTC...which our comps have never experienced. So we're gonna experience it them.
Monday: We're in the Cyber and Alma and Amulek (dogs that have adopted Elder Bushand Parry)came with us. They're just chilling at the door of the Cyber. We're enjoying our last p-day as comps and we're gonna go to the Free Shops because they are no longer going to be in Elder Bush's area.
Tuesday(tomorrow): District meeting and we meet our new comps.

So yeah, quite the week. I wasn't even in the area for 2 and a half days, so it was really crazy, and next week is gonna be even better.

Anyways, news on the investigators: Yasi went out of town, Cristian and Marcia are still going well, almost broke up, but now are really happy. Kenya is... hard to find.

Hope everything is going well up there in the north. Thanks for the pictures from the wedding. That's awesome. Sounds like everyone loved it.

Have a good week. Pasadlo bien. Haced lo justo. Venga lo que venga, Disfrutadlo.


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