Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011 with Elder B and Q "The Trio from Rio"

Hey all,

HUGE CHANGE THIS WEEK: I'm still here with the same comps I had last week. That hasn't happened in about a month. haha

The Trio in Rio is still doing well. It's hard trying to cover all of Rio Branco with just one companionship, but we're doing well. Conference was a bit of a disappointment because only two investigators came to it (Christian and Marcia showed up for the last 2 talks of Sunday night) but I still loved it, even though it was in Spanish. It's not quite as good as in English. I missed hearing their real voices, but it was cool because I got to hear Elder Scott speak spanish. (he does his own translation) Still I learned tons and tons and can't wait to get the Liahona in 2...or 3 months, to read the talks again.

It was really fun seeing dad though. I mentioned the fact that he's in the choir to a few members and pretty soon, everyone knew and was playing ´´¿Where's Hermano Parry?´´ just like always. haha.

Investigators: Doing well.

Adriano and Silvana: Quit smoking, Adriano took out his nose piercing, they're now talking more seriously about whether they want to get married or not. Sounds like they're more likely to just move out than anything, which is sad, but at least they're seriously thinking about the Law of Chastity. They couldn't come to the conference because Adriano had to work in the rice harvest, but they're still doing well.

Christian and Marcia: made it to the end of conference and got to hear Elder Holland say, ´Most of the people in this audience are already members of the church, but some of you aren't...for now.´´ I think they had a really good spiritual experience for the little time that they were there.

Yasi: Mas o menos. She's getting hard to get in contact with. She didn't go to conference and we don't know why yet.

Santiago: Doing well. I think he watched Conference online. He doesn't have much support from his family though.

Other news:

Alma and Amulek: Still around. They live right behind our house. They don't go out with us very much anymore because Queirolo doesn't like them so he yells at them and chucks rocks at them.




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