Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011 with Elder B in Rio Branco

Hey all,

First off, questions. O sea, answers to questions. Go.
Yes, everything is going well with the short term missionaries. Well, one of them is a real bonafide set apart missionary, Elder Queirolo. He's now comps with Elder Bush. I'm comps with Hermano Anthony Iturria.
How long? My comp is here until the normal change day on the 22nd. Queirolo goes to the MTC whenever his visa shows up, probably in a couple weeks.
The work is going really well with 4 missionaries because we don't have to travel near as far across our area. My area is now the part close to the house and the church, so I got lucky. Christian and Marcia are no longer in my area, but they came to church this week and I got to be really excited for them anyways. Bush and I basically are looking at this as 2-week long divisions so we can cover more ground. With any luck, we'll get back together after this whole thing ends, but...probably not. Now that they've divided the area, I'll probably just get a new comp. Then, when Queirolo leaves for his real mission, Bush will get a new comp.

Anyways, I'm in Montevideo right now. That's why I'm writing so early in the morning. I have to finally get my immigration paperwork done. Long story. I just have to add a fingerprint thing to my file or something like that. Wooh. Travelling several hours to do fingerprints!

Anyways, yesterday was really cool. The clocks changed for daylight savings, but...this is not when it normally changes and we didn't know. So we basically got up at 5:30 without knowing it, got to the church with our investigators at 8:00 and then we realized there was an hour till church started, so we just basically had a charla with our investigators (that you don't know yet)

But anyways, now you can meet them. They're called Adriano and Silvana. They're a young, unmarried couple that have tons of interest. They need to make lots of changes in their lives to get baptized, but they seem pretty willing to make those changes. Adriano took out his earring to go to church and they're reading the Book of Mormon 创a full创 I don't remember how to say that in English. To the max? Ultimately? A lot. yeah.

Anyways, yeah. Rio Branco is getting pretty awesome. More awesome than it already was. Hope Utah is as just as awesome. Hope the reception goes well and everything. I look forward to hearing about it next week. Have fun!...but not too much.


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