Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 with Elder B in Rio Branco

Hey all,

Trio Branco no more. Me and Bush are back together. It was fun having an Uruguayo comp, but Queirolo was...a handful. It was quite a relief to see him go. Working in three is a lot harder and we couldn't use our bikes, so now I think we're gonna fix the bikes and get around this town a little faster, so we're really excited for these next couple weeks.

Other news: Yesterday was awesome because we got a bunch of inactive people starting back up at church. Julio, the guy who ran the projector at conference, came for his second time and says he never, ever wants to go inactive again. Also, Jorge Sosa and family showed up for the first time and now Jorge wants to take us to visit a bunch of his friends to teach them the gospel. We're seeing huge miracles here in Rio Branco, but not in the way we've been expecting. Our investigators that we're actually teaching didn't go to church. We had some random investigators show up to church with members. One seemed to have interest, but the other, not so much.

We had interviews this last week and that was pretty crazy, because the president and his wife came to our house. Luckily our house was pretty clean already. We had to just do a little last-minute cleaning. When they came, they didn't seem to know that we were in a trio. They asked where the fourth companion was. When they fully figured out/remembered what was going on, Hermana Da Silva called the next day and talked to Queirolo and told him they figured out the visa thing and he left on Friday to go sign it. Right now, he's in Montevideo working with some other elders for a little bit and he heads off to Argentina the 14th I think. But yeah, we're now free of the awkward trio and the whiny uruguayo.

Everything is awesome. Things are picking up in the obra. Bush and I are once again the dynamic duo. The Duo in...Ruo. Ruo Brunco.

Hope everything keeps going well back home. Hope you don't die of...snow. And, have a nice week.


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