Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 with Elder S in Rio Branco

Hey all,

Sorry about the email fracaso last week. We went to a different cyber than usual and had some problems. Today, I don't think there will be problems.

Things are about the same. Everything's going well, progress in the area is pretty slow, but it is improving. Me and my comp get along pretty well. There was a baptism from the other half of the ward from Elders Solano and Saavedra. It was a really awesome, spiritual baptism. I got to do his interview as the District Leader and he was really really prepared. I've never seen a baptismal candidate like him. He's already to serve in the church. He's working on getting us a new piano (I probably already mentioned that, huh) and he's just really cool. We're having some good success with less-active members. Violeta and Julio are fully active now, paying tithing, and they're on the lunch calendar for feeding the missionaries (One of the most important key indicators for conversion)


We don't give talks very often, maybe once every couple months. I've given one talk in each of my wards (four) during my mission, which is not that much. If the Gospel Principles class doesn't come to church, we teach it, but it's really easy, because the manual for that class is extremely inspired-isimo. A man get get closer to God by following its precepts than those of any other book, except for the Book of Mormon. It's fantastic

Fun fact: I just read the Song of Simeon in Jesus the Christ by Talmage this morning. I'm loving that book. I'm reading parts of it everyday. I love it. I read the whole thing in the CCM, but I'm doing a slow review of it. It's so good and so well written.

Wow, it's crazy to hear Trax is finally happening. Hope it all turns out well. I talked to Elder Dame at the conference. He was telling me about the freeway onramp at 11400 s. It sounds pretty nice. Apparently he was driving from Pepperwood down to BYU, which would be really hard without that entrance.

´´Hope all is well with:´´

Companion: Things are going well. It's getting the point that we've got a pretty good teaching rhythm and everything. Things aren't perfect, but it's fun.

District: Can't complain. The other companionship in my district is awesome. Miguel's baptism was awesome.

Ward: The members are getting pretty excited now that we've had a baptism in the ward, so hopefully we'll see some good things come from it.

MIssion President: We had a really cool conference the other week. I didn't have much of a chance to talk to him, but I learned a lot of stuff from him. It was a great experience.

It's great to hear how everyone's doing. Hope things keep going well.

Other pictures: Elders Solano and Saavedra at the ward activity we had last week. They're really cool. The guy with the grey hair is Miguel Olivera, the High Priest group leader that teaches Gospel Principles class. Elder Spilsbury who found a little baby mobile with a sun, moon, and star,in the house of an investigator, which he is now using to demonstrate the Kingdoms of Glory from the Plan of Salvation. haha. And one more, I'm not sure if I sent this one home before (probably not) is a picture of me and Bush at a Zone activity in Melo wearing our awesome Zona Melo t-shirts that have superheroes with ties and nametags on back. They're sweet shirts.


The first one is me...just taking a picture of myself, so you know what I look like. The second one is a little playground on the way to the Free Shops. Behind me is Brasil.Right behind my head is the fortress that they used back when they were at war with Uruguay way back in the day.


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