Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 with Elder S in Rio Branco

Hey all,

Not much news around here since yesterday. It was awesome talking to you guys yesterday. It's crazy how time flies because I've already reached my third phone call home. One more, and that's it. Whoa.

Everything's pretty tranquilazo down here in Rio Branco. Cristian and Marcia went to church yesterday, which was awesome. Also, there's this guy named Miguel that Bush and I had contacted, that also went to church. He kinda seemed like a waste of time because he kept inviting us to come ride horses and do fencing and just screw around at his house, so we never went back. The new elders, Solano and Saavedra, contacted him, taught him twice already and he went to church. I couldn't believe it. I think one big difference is that Solano and Saavedra are latinos and are able to cut Miguel off when he talks for an hour about all the millions of jobs he's had. It was really exciting seeing him at church. That must be why I was taken out of that half of the town. One time in 33, I kept getting a reference to this lady. I went twice and she rejected us both times. When I got the reference the third time, it was my last week in 33 and I decided to not bother. Then the Lord sent me to MaroƱas, so that Sister Kledinir could get baptized a few weeks later. I guess I should have more faith in people.haha

So yeah, last night, I said I was maybe starting to get a little bit finally hit me last night after the phone call. When Spilsbury's family called, I just went to bed and slept like a log. I really hope I don't get as bad as him. He's in pretty bad shape. (hey dad, those eyedrops finally came in handy! Spilsbury had a nasty eye infection and the mission president's wife told him to put some weird tea in his eyes until he could find a certain kind of eyedrop and I remembered I had my little bag of eyedrops and now his eye's doing a little better. I hope I don't have to use that stuff too. blech.

We did hear there are some big changes in the mission that they're gonna announce to us tomorrow in District Meeting. One of which is that we're gonna have 2 hours of companionship study now instead of 1 every day. Plus, we have a new system for doing the study. It sounds pretty exciting, but it'll be kinda hard since that gives us less time to work. Hopefully, the stuff we learn with the new system will make up for the hour of work lost every day.

Well, I don't have much else to say. I said it all yesterday. I love you all, and I hope each week I talk to you is better than the last. Remember I'm praying for y'all and wish you the best.


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