Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011 Last Week in Rio Branco with Elder S

Hey all,

BIG news. As usual. Got the call last night and I'm leaving Rio Branco. e vou a extranhar-o bastante. I'm gonna miss speaking my own version of Portuguese and having people understand me. I'm being sent to a place called Pueblo Nuevo in the department of Durazno. The name suggests that It's a ´´new town´´ but I'm not sure if it's its own town or not. It might just be the name of a ward in the (somewhat)big city of Durazno. Either way, i'm far from the real big city of Montevideo. Yes! The weird news is that...Elder Spilsbury is going with me. kidding. But Elder Spilsbury is leaving to Treinta y Tres. The Lord has seen fit to whitewash us out of Rio Branco. Just like Elders Solano and Saavedra, they're gonna be trainer and oro coming in to take our place, so we've been writing notes and stuff for them, so they have some knowledge of the area and our investigators, which, admittedly aren't many. There's a little family we found this last week that has baptismal dates and they're progressing well. Luckily they'll be easy to find for the new elders because they live right behind the church. It'll probably be good for the area getting some fresh blood in here. Spilsbury is excited. He doesn't like it here very much. I'm sad to go without baptizing anyone, but I guess it's time to move on.

We had that big zone conference in 33 this week and it was awesome. President Foster of the 70 spoke to us. It was fantastic. It was also awesome spending a night in 33. We got there a little early in the evening, so we had some time. I stopped by the pharmacy where all the members work and visited a couple. It was really nice. Neno who is about to go on a mission gave me an update on Elder Erickson and Draper. Apparently they're working together. So it was really cool seeing him. he's about to do a mini mission before he leaves on his real mission in a few months. Yes!

Yes. I am quite skinny nowadays, despite all the alfajores and bizcochos. haha. It's because I started a new exercise routine of running laps/dancing around our study room and listening to The Incredibles soundtrack.

Sounds like lots of fun stuff is coming up at home with moving and stuch. Hope all goes well there. Thanks for the address (even though I already figured it out from the picture you sent. haha. I'm moving too, but my address is the same as always.

I learned a lot here in Rio Branco. Maybe not so much about missionary work. I feel like my time here was meant to teach me about my own life and personal stuff I need to work on. It's been really good for me. I have no regrets for my work here in Rio Branco. I just hope I can help more people in Pueblo Nuevo.

Have a good week everyone. I love you all. I'm grateful for all you do for me. ¡Firmes en la Fe! (Strong in the Faith)


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