Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27, 2011 with Elder Lopez in Durazno

Hey all,

What a crazy week. I can almost write an Elder Apsley email. haha. Maybe I will, in honor of his return. Let's start with....

TUESDAY! We went back to a guy we found about a week ago named Luis and started to teach and his wife(girlfriend) got home and we started to teach them. They're really interested. We stopped by Luis's house and he came out and he had the Restoration folleto...pamphlet in his hand. It was awesome. They're not married, but they're already planning on it, so that's cool. They said they want to wait until they're in their new house to get married...and just made the move this Saturday, so...they're already to get married and then we'll see about getting them baptized. Yes!
WEDNESDAY! We had an awesome ward activity. Tons of people went. Jorge and Claudia were there, which was good. Members brought friends who showed some interest. Evelin, who is a 9 year old investigator, came with her whole family. Her mom is a member, but said she would never set foot inside the chapel again...well. she set foot in the chapel on Wednesday. She didn't make it on Sunday, but at least she's more ready to support Evelin in her investigation of the church. Evelin wants to get baptized really bad, but her mom was making it difficult.
THURSDAY! We travelled all day. We had to go to Sarandi del Yi which is a little town about an hour and a half away to do baptismal interviews for the sister missionaries. We had to be out there 3 hours because of the bus schedule, so we lost the whole day, which was kinda frustrating, but it was nice because I love doing baptismal interviews. They're really, really spiritual experiences.
FRIDAY! Wow. Jorge and Claudia got married and we went to support them. It was kinda weird. Me and Elder Lopez seemed to be the only ones excited about it other than the couple. All the family members didn't really understand why it was important. Además, it was just a legal ceremony. I'll try to send pictures. I finally got to see people chuck rice at a wedding. Also, more baptismal interviews. One of the zone leaders, Elder Erickson(not my trainer) came to do the interviews. He came with Elder Bush which was cool. Since Bush is District Leader now, they were on intercambio(exchange) I also got to do an interview for the Zone Leaders´ baptism.
SATURDAY! The baptism. All went well. We were running around all over the place trying to get it organized and find clothes and everything. It ended up really well. I baptized Jorge. It was so freezing. The other ward used the font last week and forgot to drain it. fwa. Don't tell anyone, but when I changed, I didn't have a spare white shirt and mine was drenched because Jorge flailed like a fish (usually, I can wear the same shirt because it doesn't get that wet) but this time, i couldn't, so I just put on my sweater and my scarf and no one knew. Ha! I felt pretty weird though. We went straight home so I could change.
SUNDAY! Pretty normal Sunday. We had a few investigators in church, but they're investigators that aren't very close to baptism, but we've got some really good leads now. It's exciting.

So yeah. That's my week. Things are still good with my comp and my area. I'm still loving the mission, feeling a little old though because I turned 2/3 last week. I've got plenty of time left though. Thanks for everything, everyone. Hope this week goes well for you.


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