Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 with Elder L in Durazno

Hey all,

End of another great week. Lots of stuff happened this week, so i'll try to tell all. I'll make a list first so I can remember everything. Then I'll describe everything I can.

1. uruguay won the American Cup in soccer yesterday and everyone is crazy as usual after soccer games.
2. To avoid all the madness, we went to the broadcast of the Pioneer day concert with Carlos. Other than the stake president and his wife, we were the only ones there.
3. Carlos got baptized and confirmed. Yes!
4.I got to go do more baptismal interviews in Sarandi del Yi and here in Durazno for the zone leaders.
5. We attempted a movie night activity after the baptism but it failed. We watched Mobsters and Mormons, but there were only a couple people and we took a break to go watch the baptism of the zone leaders, but then no one felt like going back to watch the movie.
6. Change calls: I'm staying here with Elder Lopez. Good call. Carmen, a little town I district lead, is getting closed down and the sisters have to leave. That's pretty sad. They were finally starting to see some progress there. There's a guy that wants to get baptized in a couple weeks and now there are no missionaries in that city. Bush went zone leader. Dinkel's leaving our house. No other significant news.

So yeah, that was my week. The American Cup has been crazy these couple weeks. Finally ended last night with uruguay as championes. The pioneer day concert was awesome: really a tender mercy of the Lord for me. No one else in that chapel appreciated it like I did. There were tons of songs and arrangements from my choir days. I got to see dad. They sang all about America. All the singing was in english. That Mitchell guy is way good. Anyways, I really liked it.

Carlos's conversion was awesome. He used to have so many problems and now he's just addicted to church. He wants to be in the chapel as much as possible. The ward offered to take him to Montevideo to do baptisms in the temple in about a month and he's getting ready for the priesthood. He has a ton of friends in the ward now and they all love him. It's great to see a ward really reach out to a convert. It's nice knowing i don't have to worry about him too much.

Interviews went well. Nothing too big or fancy. We watched that MTC talk from Elder Holland again and it was amazing.

So yeah. Good week. No changes. Talk to you next week!


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