Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey all,

Yep, everything's going well here. We're finishing off this change strong. Change day is next Tuesday. Most likely, Elder Lopez leaves the area and I get a new comp. It's....somewhat possible that I leave, and it's very unlikely that we both stay or both leave.

It's been a good week. We had David's baptism and it was awesome. The whole ward is just so excited. Usually when I'm in an area and I have so many baptisms, the ward starts complaining that we're just baptizing whoever we can find, but the ward is doing a really good job at retaining the converts and they're really happy.

Yeah, I gave a sacrament meeting talk on Sunday. It went really well, especially since I prepared it in half an hour before church started because the bishop asked to me to give it while we were eating lunch with him that same day.

Already had the trunky call. It was the day after you gave me the information the other time. I hardly needed any information. I think they only needed the stake name and our address.

We have had some nasty rain this week, but not that much. I'm thinking rain week is gonna be extra light this year. It's supposed to be in August and it was last year, might be done for since there isn't time for more rain.

Have a nice week!


P.s. the pictures are kinda obvious. One is David's baptism. He was baptized by his friend Martin from the Hospital hospital. It's not actually a ward in the hospital it's a normal ward that is named Hospital. The second picture is me with a little lamb. I almost fulfilled Elder Draper's fondest dream to take a picture with a lamb on his shoulders. I didn't have the guts though. I thought it might pee on my suit if I picked it up. He is however chewing on my finger. Fun fact: Apparently lambs don't have teeth.


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