Friday, December 16, 2011

December 12, 2011 in Melo with Elder M

Hey all!

Another awesome week in the mission. It was pretty normal, nothing special, but...I'm a missionary, and there's no such thing as a bad week. Everything's going pretty well. Shisel went to church this week, which was really hard for her. (Part-member family, inactive) but she went with her aunt and it was awesome.

This wednesday we have our Christmas conference as a mission. It's awesome because it's the only time that we do stuff as an entire mission. Each zone prepares a musical number. We're probably doing an arrangement/translation of O Come, O Come Emmanuel that I did, so that'll be really exciting. It's really fun seeing all of the mission, including those that go home soon. (Thornton is leaving early, I heard, so he can start classes or something) and elders Powell and Young that were all in the MTC with me, so it'll be really fun. I loved the christmas conference last year. Everything's a little more tranquilo. We just got the assignment today to read Jacob 5 before Wednesday. Fwa. That's some heavy reading for one hour of personal study. haha. IT'll be awesome.

Wow, I can't believe Lon and Will are already coming home for Christmas. That's cool. Yes, I would report to the High Council in the old stake and give a talk in the 25th ward. Speaking of neighborhoods, I found out Elder Robertson from my zone is from Herriman. Wooh.

Yeah, later is better for the Skype probably. As fas as I know, we need to be home at 8 on the 25th, just like every other Sunday. I'm not sure. They'll tell us on Wednesday. We have church 11-12 so after that.

What's Juniper Point? Is that our what our neighborhood's called? Weird.

So yeah, i don't have much to....wait..Yes I do! I heard that Heber and Martha got sealed on Friday! I was super excited. The missionary that's in that area called us and let me know. I was so happy. I had heard that they weren't doing so well...activity-wise, but they made it! If they can go to the temple, anyone can! For those who don't remember them, they're the old couple that the husband can't walk because of a stroke and can't use his left side. Oh man, it's so exciting. I love them so much. Also, I heard from Vanessa from 33. She had had some problems and went inactive, so she never answered my letter, but now she's active and she wrote me. It's so amazing seeing fruits of the work now. Also in 33, I heard from Elder Heywood(Elder Draper's oro who took my place there and who just returned there as a zone leader) about a guy I reactivated and his wife that I prepared for baptism. Francisco, the husband is going to be the new patriarch when 33 becomes a stake. Sussel is in the District relief society presidency soon to be the Stake relief society presidency. It's so amazing hearing all this. That's all my big news for this week. My retention of my converts is actually a lot better than I thought, which makes me really happy!

Anyways, times about up! Have a nice week!


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