Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011 with Elder M in Melo, Uruguay

Hey all!

Another great week. A few disappointments with people getting to church, but it was a really good enjoyable week. We did an intercambio and I worked with Elder Alldredge and it was a really good experience. We played soccer on monday and I sprained my ankle, so I've been hobbling around Melo a little bit this week. I'm okay though (Don't email Hermana Da Silva. haha)

Questions and Answers:

Did you get your washer? We did get our washer to the house. It's not installed yet though. We send our shirts and socks and stuff to a laundry place to get it done. They wash it in a day or two and charge 90 pesos(a little over 4 bucks.) Then we have an hermana in the ward that helps us with the rest.

Any luck on the Christmas package? Yep. It arrived. Way too early. I think I'll be adjusting the opening schedule a little bit if that's alright. Every 2 or 3 days one present. Waiting til the 7th is gonna drive me crazy.

Anyways, sounds like everything's going on really well up there at home. Lots of fun stuff happening. Building up to Christmas time, baby showers, homecoming talks and such. Confession: More and more, when I have cool experience my mind just thinks, ´´that'd be cool to talk about in my homecoming talk.´´ Don't worry though. I'm not trunky. I'm fighting it.

One really cool experience we had was that last Sunday we found a couple high school kids, Yoani and Jonathan that were really interested in listening. When we went back, they weren't there, but we ran into one of them in the street and he told us that he read the folleto (Pamphlet?) and really liked it. When we tried again another day, they couldn't talk very long, but they invited 3 of their friends over to listen and a couple seemed interested.

Another cool experience was yesterday. We went to the hospital looking for Casiano's family because his mother is in the hospital. It occurred to us to go visit them and we just went, not knowing beforehand what we were to do. We didn't even know her name, but we went. As we were wandering freely around the halls of the hospital, compeletely lost, a lady came up to us and told us that her mother was hours away from dying and she wanted us to come in and say a prayer with their whole family. We said a prayer and started talking about the plan of salvation with them. Lots of them showed interes and we got some phone numbers to call them. Then we found out that the daughter that invited us was an investigator from another area and she told us that she would show the plan of salvation folleto to her family and talk about it, so we're gonna see if we can see from fruits from that. It was a really espiritual experience.

So yeah, that's my week. Here's to another one. Hope you all have good experiences too. Love ya.



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