Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept. 19, 2011 with Elder A in Durazno, Uruguay

Hey all,

Wow, sounds like lots of good stuff going on at home! Thanks for the update on everything. It's nice to know what's going on.

Wow, sounds like everyone's getting big on the technology up there. Everyone-s skyping all the time, I-pads, and such. I saw the equivalent of a Best Buy flyer here and it said they had TVs in 3-d. Is that true or did I misunderstand? Also, I saw a floppy disc at lunch yesterday. It was really weird and it got a conversation going about the future of technology and they said someday we would have all these things and I think they just described everything that the I-pad has, based on what newer missionaries have told me. And I thought: yeah, the i-pad has all that, but no one has them. Now I find out that the Wilsons have one. I realize now how out of it I am.

Glad to hear on all the spiritual progress up there in the family and friends. Thanks for sharing your missionary experiences.

Things are still good here with my comp and everything. We got an investigator to church, which we haven-t had in a couple weeks, so that was exciting. Her name is Magdalena, like Mary Magdalene. She told us she couldn-t stay all 3 hours and she-d have to leave early and I was kinda disappointed because she was gonna miss sacrament meeting, but she must have liked the classes, because she stayed the whole time. It was really good. We-re gonna get her baptized ASAP.

I did see Elder Dame at change day for a few seconds, but didn-t talk much with him.


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