Monday, September 5, 2011

August 5, 2011 Changes in Durazno

Hey all,

Another good week, as always. It's been hard dealing with the Colombians, but they had a baptism and we helped them do the baptismal service. I played the piano...kinda. I played the opening hymn(Come Follow Me) on my own and the rest were the ghost piano. I just played the rhythm. Still it was a lot better since I knew how to play and count and stuff.

I guess you're all wondering what happened with the change call. I'm staying here in Durazno, like I thought. Elder Lopez is going to Montevideo, the poor kid. My new comp is Elder Ascencio, and if it's the Ascencio that I know, he's from El Salvador and he's really, really, really quiet. I went on a 20 minute bus ride with him once and he didn't say a word. So yeah, that's my new life. I'm excited though. Elder Powell and his oro are doing a whitewash in place of the Colombians that are going home this week. Powell has 6 weeks more than me and I know him from the MTC. He's awesome. He's probably one of my biggest heroes in the mission, so it'll be nice. Hopefully, they'll be in my district. I don't know yet. I am still District Leader. Another nice change is that we won't have to listen to the Colombians' techno and Brazilian pop music anymore. Wooh!

So yeah, I don't think I have much else to tell. We're going down to Montevideo tomorrow morning to do changes and see everyone and have the leadership meeting. I got my haircut today and it might be my penultimate haircut of the mission if I do it right. It's really short.

Well, here we go with another week. Hope you have a good one. Love ya. Chaucito!


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