Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept. 12, 2011 with Elder A in Durazno

Hey all,

Wow, sounds like life is pretty interesting there. That's awesome. Lots of changes and lots of good stuff going on. Same here. Change day went well. My new comp is Elder Ascencio from El Salvador, and is the one that I was thinking of. He is really really quiet, just like I remembered, but he's really cool and we get along really well. It's a nice break after Lopez who talked and talked and talked and talked and made it hard to get out of lessons and visits with members. It's kinda weird talking most of the charlas. I haven't done that since Elder Spilsbury when I was with him the first time. So yeah. Life is still peachy here in Durazno. It's cool living with Elder Powell and his oro, Elder Aguilar from Paraguay. Aguilar is having a hard time adjusting to the mission and elder Powell. It's a really funny companionship because they're so different.

Anyways, yeah. 9-11 has been kind of a big deal down here. Mostly people tell us that Discoverychannel and National Geographic are passing a lot of stuff about it. Other than that, there's not too much sign of it. But yeah.

I just put some pictures to upload. First is our district from last change Lopez, McLellan(ZL), Young (ZL), Parry (DL), Sister Parker, and Sister Campos (who is now at home in Chile.) The district this change is about the same as last change, but change out Campos for Sister Múnera and change out Lopez for Elder Ascencio. Second is of me and Carlos on change day. He finished his mini-mission and is now back here in Durazno with us. Bonus fact: I know all the people in the background too:(L-R) Elders Simpson, Gurr, Banegas, Peña, Ojeda, McLellan, and Padilla. Third is of me and Ascencio the night of the open house of the new chapel in Durazno (Not our chapel, the other one). Fourth is me in front of a barraca (Hardware Store?) that arranged the lights in their window like the Uruguaya flag. Wooh!

FWAA! Nate's going already! Wow. That makes me feel old. He's two years behind me in school and he's starting the mission. That means...I'm almost at 2 years in the mission. Congratulations Nate!

Well, I don't know what else to say. I look forward to getting those letters from the Primary of the...shoot. I forgot the name of the ward. Aurora Vista Ward? Something like that?

Anyways, hope y'all have a good week and enjoy the good life.

P.s. Missionary challenge: Everyone who reads this letter should try to talk to one person who isn't a member about the gospel during the week.


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