Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey all,

I'm gonna just let you know now, so you don't have to wait, what happened in the change call.

I'm moving. Back to Melo. Rio Branco is in the same Zone, so I'll be able to go visit there on interchange days. My new comp is Elder Moffitt. I kinda know him. He's from Utah and every time someone hears about a missionary being comps with him, they always say, ´´I'm so jealous. Elder Moffitt is awesome.´´ so I'm really excited. He was with Elder Spilsbury for a little bit too, so that'll be exciting to hear how he's doing.

The other big news is that I'm going to be a Zone Leader. President Da Silva called me Saturday night to let me know and to congratulate me. I'm really excited. I was getting to the point where I thought my time had passed and that I wasn't gonna be a Zone Leader, but I am. And in an awesome area that I already am familiar with. I already have slept in my new house several nights. The difference now is that I'm going to have a bed instead of sleeping on the couch or on a mattress on the floor.

So yeah. This week has been great. We had stake conference this weekend with a visit from Elder Ruben Spitale from Argentina and he's hilarious. He talked about raising kids and said, ''Parents always say when their kids are small that they are so cute that they just want to eat them up....and then when the kids get older, they regret not having eaten them when they were little.'' So yeah. It was a really good conference. Pres and Sister Da Silva spoke too and it was really good.

In other news, I did get the pizza. The Pedrozo family mentioned last week that we were going to get a surprise from the United States on Saturday. We wondered all week what it could be. Pamphlets from Church HQ? Copies of the Book of Mormon? A car? Then Brother Pedrozo called saturday and asked if we could recieve the surprise in the moment and I said yes. And then we got the pizza a little while later with a note that it was from the ''Perry Family, United States'' It was really funny. We were really excited...but we were fasting. So we ate it yesterday and a little today for breakfast. It's really funny because last night Bro Pedrozo called and asked about it and was really excited because they made special arrangements to find pepperoni because mom said I liked it. But the pepperoni here is basically salami. Still good, but not the same. I usually put bacon on my pizza here. So that was a really fun experience. And payment...I doubt we'll be able to figure out a way to pay him. He's really rich and likes giving stuff away. I wouldn't worry about it. He really does treat us like another of his sons.

So yeah. I had a lot to say today, but just the half an hour, so I've got to go. I'm animated to hear about Disneyland! That'll be a nice welcome! haha.

Have a nice week!


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