Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7 with Elder M in Melo

Hey all,

It's been a really awesome week and a really hectic week, but awesome nonetheless. We did get to go to the temple and it was amazing. It was such a nice experience. The temple is about to close for a few weeks, so the people finishing their mission this change won't be able to go their last day, but we went and then had a really good zone conference. We came and worked in our area here in melo on thursday and went back friday for Zone Leader Council, which was also really awesome. I feel really included in the mission now. It's really nice being a leader, because we're the first to hear about stuff directly from President Da Silva.

Ooh! Before I forget. An announcement we got in Zone Conference was that for our Christmas call, we can use Skype and do a video chat. That's really exciting. We're still working out the details because Christmas is on a Sunday and we can't go to the cyber on the Sabbath Day. We're gonna have to find some member with a decent internet connection and a webcam, but we'll figure it out. If we can't, we might consider asking permission to do it on Christmas Eve. We'll see there. So yeah, I'm super excited because I'll get to see the new house. Also...I think Skype gives the option of doing a conference call, so if there are people that can't get to the house on christmas, we can still do Skype all together. I'm gonna need to know my skype account information probably. It should be on my laptop still. If not, I can guess it pretty well.

Other new announcement is that we get washing machines in all the houses! Wooh! I had one in my last house so I've been missing it these last couple months. It'll be a hassle for a while because we have to make sure everyone gets their machines in their houses and installed. Oh well. Worth the pain. (Direct translation. I don't think that makes sense in english.)

So yeah. That's my week. Zone Leading is going well. It's exciting. My area is doing pretty well. Casiano's family didn't go to church because they had some problems, but we're gonna be working extra hard with them to get them baptized. Satan is working pretty hard, but we're gonna work harder.

I did get the halloween pictures. They were awesome! Did you get my pictures last week?

Sounds like there's lots of good stuff happening at home. Keep it up! Do your home and visiting teaching! Go the temple as often as you can! (Which temple district are we now? Oquirrh Mountain?) Share the gospel! Fulfil your callings! Read the scriptures every day! Say your prayers! Help out someone in need! Enjoy the snow, while I'm here dying of heat!

Have a good week, everyone!


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