Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 with Elder M in Melo

Hey all,

Well, it's been a really good week. I'm loving my life right now, but yesterday was kinda hard on us. Casiano, Fernanda, and Ramiro were supposed to get baptized yesterday, but Casiano got called to work out in campaƱa ( stuff) shearing sheep and he couldn't come in to town unless it rained and the sheep got wet. We found out about this on Saturday afternoon and started fasting and praying for rain so Casiano could come to church and get baptized. No rain though. Guess this wasn't the week for Casiano's family. We're trying for this Saturday though.

My comp is still awesome and we get along really well. I'm getting used to being Zone Leader. This week is gonna be interesting. We're going to the temple on Wednesday and travelling with the elders from 33. We're in charge of the trip, so that'll be kinda stressful, but i'm super excited. I miss the temple so much. Also Friday is Zone Leader Council, so I'll be in Montevideo for 2 days this week, which is kinda hard, but such is life.

Sounds like everything is going well up there. Keep up the good work.

I'm sending pictures today...finally. THe first is of us crossing the bridge out to a neighborhood, Lopez Benitez, that's about 4 kilometers from the city. Long walk. The second is of me by a tank at the military base in that neighborhood. The third is on the way back from the neighborhood. Melo and Rio Branco are both on this sign and they are both my cities. Acegua is another city that doesn't have missionaries right now. The fourth picture is elder Ladron de Guevara's birthday party. (Left to right=Elder Moffitt, Elder Ladron de Guevara, Elder Alldredge)

So yeah. Life is good. I'm being very blessed and working hard. Talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Parry


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