Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov. 20, 2011 with Elder M in Melo, Uruguay

Hey all,

Another good week. A little crazy like always, but really good. The work's going well. We're learning a lot about reaching goals and going the extra mile.

Sounds like everything's going pretty well at home, in spite of some sickness and such. Hope everything keeps going up. (It's a mission phrase, I don't know if it's used at home. ``Go up``) But yeah. Hope all is well there.

I have to confess something, mom and dad. I cheated on my christmas box. Yesterday, our lunch appointment failed and so did the lunch appointment of the other elders in our house, so we were all searching the house (including the emergency food storage) to find lunch and I remembered my Christmas box. So I started opening a little ahead of schedule (okay, a lot ahead of schedule) and found myself a nice lunch. Chef Boyardee Raviolis! Whooo! So yeah. I cheated and opened almost everything. I'm saving a little bit to open at the end, but even still, all the stuff you sent should still last me till Christmas...if not longer. I'm now good on all my razor stuff, etc. until the end of my mission. Thanks for everything!

Yes, Elder Moffitt is the grandson of Jack and Val Moffitt. That's a really cool connection. I've actually heard a few stories about them.

That's awesome hearing about the ward. Lately, Elder Moffitt and I have been missing Utah wards that work really well. Our bishopric is being kinda hard to work with and home teaching down here in Uruguay doesn't really exist...well, it does, but there's hundreds of inactive members and 1 companionship that actually does visits...and it's the elder's quorum president and a counselor in the bishopric...which doesn't really make sense, since one is an elder and one is a high priest, but oh well. We do what we can with what we have.

My ankle is a lot better. I took a couple Ibuprofens a couple days and it stopped hurting, so that's nice. I don't know what happened to my first-aid kit I started with. I have parts of it and my roommates have helped plenty. That's kinda how it is on the mission. I do have my eyedrop kit with the instructions. I'm a lot better with my eyes now. I'm giving my contacts a break though. I've been using my glasses a lot more these weeks. I assume that'll help.

That Disneyland trip is sounding more and more awesome. I'm super excited! (Do I use ``Super`` more than I used to? Did I say it before? Maybe it doesn't show up as much in email, but my comp and I say it a lot.) That's super cool...super bad...super sad...super awesome...stuff like that.

Change week is coming up. My comp has 3 changes in Melo and I'm his 3rd comp here, so it's possible that he leaves. He has a year and a half in the mission and we're having a great time.

Well, have a good week. Talk to y'all next week!


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