Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan. 9, 2012 Melo with Elder B Bryan is now a "Valiente"

Hey all,

Wow! Sounds like big news on the home front! New Ward! New Calling!
That's so cool!
On my mission, I've gotten a huge testimony of callings and have
learned that the most important thing to remember about a calling is
that it's not given to us because we're ready for it, but to make us
ready for it. I've felt that a lot in a lot of situations on my
mission, but the Lord shapes the back to support the weight it lifts
(I'm sure Dad's already told you that one...since he told it to me
last week haha!) I'm really excited for you. It'll be a really good
experience. Definitely a calling that will push you. A little
different that ward librarian, I guess. That's awesome though. Just
remember all the callings and assignments you've had in the past and
think of what you've learned in those situations and why you got those
assignments before your current one. What do you need to apply from
the Library in the Relief Society? I've had to think about that stuff
a lot. What did I learn while training that I need to apply as Zone
Leader? What did I learn from living with 2 trunky columbians that I
need to apply to help 2 HondureƱos that have devil worshippers next
door? Alright...that one's a little harder to apply, but you know what
I mean. And don't worry. I didn't laugh. I know you can do it, ma.
You'll be an awesome leader. There's a really good talk about
leadership and teaching others by Pres. Eyring in the Priesthood
session of this last conference that applies in every situation. It's
really good. Also, I think there's a reason Dad got that paper from
choir this week. There's some words of wisdom there. Other Elder Parry
advice: Read the manual and rely on the spirit. You'll be in my

So, yeah, things are still going well here in Melo. A little more
quiet than last month, but vamos arriba. We have change day tomorrow,
so I get to make the long trip to Montevideo with everyone and then
come on back here with my new comp. Elder Moffitt is going to
Montevideo to stay and possibly finish the mission. My new comp is
Elder Baxter, who is really cool and is from Furth (Ferth?) Idaho, the
rival town/high school of Shelley, Idaho where Bush is from. It'll be
awesome. He's a cross country runner, so I'll probably get to lose a
little more weight before I get home! Fun fact: He also kinda looks
like Buster Baxter from Arthur. It's gonna be awesome. I'm gonna miss
Elder Moffitt. He's been a really good comp and really good friend.
He's now gonna be the Zone Leader of the Assistents.

Other news: I Will Be Valiant. (I think that's what the primary song's
called in english) Anyways. I'm in my last change and I'm going out
fighting. We've got a really good zone. A few coming back from my zone
in Durazno, including Elder Dinkel that I lived with. He's so great.
So yeah, I'm really excited. It'll be a really good last change.

Anyways, not much else new. Lucas still couldn't get confirmed yet and
his sister Fernanda went out of town, so she couldn't get baptized
yet, but she will. She's awesome. The summer vacation is kinda killing
us right now. Everyone disappears and goes to the countryside or to
Montevideo or 33 or the beach or whatever. But they're all gone. They
say it's worse getting more into January, so we'll see what happens.
But remember it's 10% the things that happen to us(I'd say it's
actually less than 10%) and 90% how we react to it. We were created to
act, not to be acted upon.

Have a nice week. Talk to you on the flip side.

Happy birthday Grandma! I've been thinking today of what a great influence you have had on me!


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