Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec. 19, 2011 with Elder M in Melo

hey all!

Happy Christmas! Hope everything's good up in the north country. I
hear there's no snow. Is that true? That's really weird because it's
not very hot down here either. It's been pretty nice. Kinda humid, but
not as bad as last year.

We've had a really good week. Shisel went to church with her formerly
inactive mom, so we're pretty excited about that. Also, some members
brought a friend to church, so she'll probably get baptized here
pretty soon!

Wow, sounds like the Family christmas party is gonna be pretty
awesome. Christmas down here is looking kinda bleak. Usually members
are fighting over who gets to invite the missionaries over for
Christmas, but we haven't heard from anyone in our ward. We might end
up doing a party with some missionaries. Our ward is good, but...not
great. I hate to be negative, but they aren't that helpful. I love
them, but...yeah. Anyways, Christmas will still be really good. It was
last year, even thougha we didn't have much to do. Christmas is just
awesome, even though it's not beginning to look much like Christmas at

I'd love to go to Jayna's sealing! I've never been to a live sealing!
Cool! Also, yes! I'm totally fine with getting my homecoming talk on
the 26th and getting it out of the way!

I'm gonna send real quick to check for your answer on the skype call


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